Subjects: Film Studies and Digital Stories.

I’ve been teaching Film History and A Level Film Studies for 7 years in and around Bristol.

Along the way I’ve collected an M.A., attended the National Film School and was working in the Film and TV industry for decades!

Come along and try out one of my courses.  You’ll learn loads about the history of the cinema, film-making and about the social and political context in which the films were produced.

One way or another, the film world has shaped my professional life; initially as a Film Editor and, after completing a Masters, teaching ‘A’ level Film Studies.

My courses aim to bring an awareness of the artistic merits of the creative process, seek interpretations and consider the social and political climate and key personalities behind films.

Whilst no previous knowledge is required, learners are welcome to share prior learning and experience as well as own analysis. All this is achieved in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere.