Subject: Upholstery and soft furnishings

I first entered into this world when I undertook a creative design course in Cheltenham in the 80’s. Since then, I’ve completed many other qualifications.

I’ve been teaching for over 30+ years. Currently, I teach upholstery and soft furnishings classes here at the adult learning centre. In my classes, we make almost anything that falls into the category of home textiles. In the past, upholstery learners have restored dining chairs, armchairs and chaise longues. In the soft furnishings course, we make anything from curtains to lamp shades.

I welcome any level of experience into my classes – all you need is a keen interest. My learners are free to work on their own projects, so there is definitely freedom to explore your own unique interests. I think this works great as we can learn so much from each other’s individual techniques.

I feel very strongly about the benefits of creating something yourself and I think there is nothing more satisfying that making something for your own home.