Subject: Painting and Drawing

My artistic training began at Camberwell School of Art, where I undertook a BA in painting. Then, I went on to complete my Masters in painting at the Royal College of Arts.

It is important for me to know and understand the techniques of the old masters, and I am passionate about incorporating those into my own work.

In my classes, learners are free to exercise creative control and work on individual pieces. I like for my learners to appreciate the old techniques, but also develop their own style. We do a lot of figurative art, including life paintings and portraiture. I take great pleasure in admiring the work of my learners, and I myself learn a lot from them.

In terms of my own career… I’ve had numerous exhibitions across the word, all the way from AUS and NZ, the US and Europe. On a side note, I also did 5 world tours with echo and the bunnymen – I was their lighting designer.

Come along to my class if you’re passionate about art and if you’re looking for some light hearted fun.