At-Bristol’s science workshops aren’t just for kids – we’re working together to offer some great workshops that will inspire and amaze grown-ups too! All the workshops are run by At-Bristol staff in their specialist facilities and include entrance to At-Bristol.

1/2 day workshops (3-4 hours)

Is there anybody out there?

It seems that every day another ‘earth-like’ planet is discovered out there in the universe. But how do we detect them, how can we find out if they are home to life and what might that life look like anyway? Learn about and use some of the techniques used to detect these ‘exoplanets’; analyse light; find out if their  atmospheres could support life; use telescopes; think about what life might need or look like on distant planets and watch the amazing ‘We Are Aliens’ 3D planetarium film.

On Shaky Ground?

Most earthquakes are caused by natural processes but can have very human consequences, with on average 10,000 deaths a year. Learn about what’s going on inside the earth and how to apply key engineering principles to construct an earthquake resistant building that will be tested our special shaking table. Natural seismic events will also be considered alongside human-made ones, including those caused by hydraulic fracturing (‘fracking’).

System Earth

We hear a lot about climate change, but what does being green actually mean, what is the science behind it all and why should we care at all? Experience the science behind the headlines – examining the causes and consequences of climate change and the contribution we can each make. A 3D planetarium show introduces our amazing planet before visitors are invited to test their own psychic abilities, measure the warming effect of carbon dioxide in the lab using data loggers, take a specially designed trail around At-Bristol exhibits and even make a mini solar cooker

A Trick of the Light

A treasure hunt with a difference… and a bit of laser limbo! In small teams explore the properties of light – from lasers to UV to infinity mirrors and phosphorescence – before completing a series of light-related puzzles. Who will be the first to get the key to the smoke machine and successfully navigate the laser maze? No need to book as a group – we can team you up on the day!

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