At-Bristol’s science workshops aren’t just for kids – we’re working together to offer some great workshops that will inspire and amaze grown-ups too! All the workshops are run by At-Bristol staff in their specialist facilities and include entrance to At-Bristol.

Short Workshops (1 to 2 hours)

Fossils and Evolution

Travel back in time to discover what rocks and fossils can tell us about the history of life on Earth, examine incredible real fossils, collect and interpret evidence on the evolution of a familiar species and spin the Great Evolutionary Wheel of Fortune to find out how evolutionary change has been driven by the struggle for survival in a changing world.

The Science of Scent

How do we detect scents, what makes things smell and can perfume really make us more attractive? Here we look at the ancient mixture of science, art and psychology that is perfumery, consider the questions above and find out whether we can even tell the ‘good’ from the ‘bad’ of the expensive high street smells in a bottle!

Let there be Light

The industrial revolution and the discovery of electricity transformed society – bringing prosperity but also great challenges. See how steam can be used to produce electricity get the chance to generate the electricity needed to supply to our mini National Grid. Experience first-hand how we keep the lights on and explore some of the issues around the different energy sources available.

Lego Robotics

What is computer programming and what is an algorithm? An introduction to robotics and programming using LEGO Mindstorms technology. In small teams you will construct simple code to operate sensors on a robot, navigate a map and complete a mission – no prior knowledge of programming required!

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