This is a little bit extra that just can’t wait till the next ‘in the loop’ comes out. Our booklet for courses in the summer term 2014 is now ready.

Bristol Adult Learning at St. Paul’s Learning and Family Centre

There were some errors in the St Paul’s Summer Term Course Guide information and some bits missed off, I am very sorry, it’s all fixed now and 150 copies are off to St Pauls as we speak.

Also we have a photographer coming to Stoke Lodge the week of the 7th April to take some new photos for our 2014-2015 Course Guide.

Obviously no one will be forced into the spotlight but if you are willing to have your photo taken we really appreciate it.  It helps us to advertise our courses and we like to use real learners having a good time rather than stock photos of people we don’t know!

More to come soon…

All the best


DownloadSt Pauls Summer Term Course Guide PDF

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