Sheila BrounSubject: Drawing Techniques for Beginners and Improvers

Biography: Drawing is the basis of my art practice. It is the most immediate and enjoyable way of creating images as it requires few materials. Over time it develops concentration, keen observation, and a knowledge of techniques. The famous St Ives artist, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, described drawing as ‘a discipline of the mind’.

My teaching practice includes work as a Part Time Lecturer in the Faculty of Building, Art & Architecture at Leeds Metropolitan University (1979 – 1997); Associate Lecturer in the Faculty of Arts at Wakefield College (1979 – 2000); and Tutor for Bristol Adult Learning Service since 2001 – now creating courses to teach Drawing Techniques step by step. My aim is to enable students develop confidence and skill, so they can continue to enjoy drawing for the rest of their lives, and inspire their children and grandchildren.