Isobel Morris has been running sculpture and pottery classes at St Paul’s Learning and Family Centre for nearly a decade. Hundreds of learners have attended over the years, all have gained confidence and skills. Many have gone on to further study, employment or other creative pursuits.

Here are some of this year’s success stories:

Aaron Le-Bas came to Isobel’s classes in 2014/2015 and starts a BA (Hons) course in Ceramic Design at Central St Martins in September. Unique nationally, this course provides a design-led creative experience of ceramics within a broad subject context and brings an ethos of responsible design to the study of markets and manufacture.

(Elephant by Aaron)

Yurim Gough came to classes a few years ago and has now developed her own style of ceramic art and was one of the featured artists at this year’s inaugural The Other Art Show at The Arnolfini in June.

(Bowls by Yurim)

Elisa Edwards has been coming to classes for 3 years and has developed a unique range of ceramic items, she has run stalls selling her work at various Bristol events including Stoke Lodge Christmas Fair and Picton Street Fayre.

(Houses by Elisa)

Paul Bruder has been coming to classes continuously since 2009 and has a unique inventiveness with clay and sense of colour in glazing.

(Musicians by Paul)


Isobel invites you to attend the new sculpture and pottery courses in 2015/16. The new courses available include:

Pottery with Sculpture – starts 23rd September at St Paul’s Learning Centre

Pottery – starts 24th September at St Paul’s Learning Centre

Special Sculpture Workshops – 30th September at St Paul’s Learning Centre

Soapstone Carving – starts 1st October at Stoke Lodge Learning Centre

Christmas Ceramics – 2 days on 14th November & 5th December at Stoke Lodge Learning Centre

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