Subject – Italian


I am an enthusiastic teacher of Italian as a foreign language and I come from Naples, the city of the sun, pizza and mandolin.

I got a Master’s Degree in Modern Foreign Languages at the University of Naples and studied Italian Teaching for  Foreigners at the University of Venice.

I am truly passionate about foreign languages: I studied English, French, Spanish and Arabic  for many years, so I know very well how learners could feel when studying a new language.

I moved to Bristol in 2018 and since then I have been teaching Italian to children and adults of all ages. Communicative learning is at the centre of my teaching methodology: my lessons are taught as far as possible in Italian and students are encouraged to use the target language as the language of communication in the classroom.  I am not only limited to teaching the Italian language; my classes enable students to gain considerable knowledge on cultural aspects of Italy such as  history and geography, art and music, cuisine and traditions.