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Drawing and Pastel


There are courses for beginners and improvers on offer for those looking to get creative with drawing techniques, landscapes or life..

Some courses will run as online courses and some will start at Stoke Lodge. You can see the starting venue/format for each course listed below. We reserve the right to change the format of the course, in term, should safety advice change.

NEW Portraits From Photographs 

Working from photographs is a great way to practice your portrait skills. It gives you the flexibility to work at your own pace doing as many, or as few, projects as you wish to throughout the term. The tutor will provide a range of prints for you to choose from, or you are welcome to bring along your own too. You can paint or draw in any medium such as oil paints, watercolour, pastel, pen, pencil, charcoal, chalks etc.  

This course will be delivered at Stoke Lodge. 

Mondays 1pm to 3.30pm Warren Sealey 

6 sessions from 6 June £10664 B60F   Stoke Lodge 

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NEW Drawing Techniques for Beginners- Architectural Drawing In Landscape 

Learn how to portray different material qualities in an architectural subject in a landscape. You will learn to draw an architectural subject and landscape step by step. You will use arial perspective, mix and match colour, pastel techniques and watercolour crayons to create light and shade. 

This course will be delivered at Stoke Lodge. 

Fridays 10am to 12.30pm Sheila Broun  

6 sessions from 10 June £106/£64 B42G   Stoke Lodge    

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NEW Drawing With Monoprint-Landscapes    

Experiment with monoprint and drawing to produce characterful and unique prints. Monoprint is a form of printmaking where the image can only be made once. You will learn to draw and make monoprints of landscapes. Fee includes materials. This course will take place at Stoke Lodge.  

Wednesdays 6pm to 8.30pm Mary Kelly 

6 sessions from 8 June £121/£79 B61D    Stoke Lodge 

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Drawing Skills-Mixed Ability

Led by an experienced tutor, learners will make rapid progress and explore line, tone, measurement, texture, shading and composition. They will be taught how to ‘look’ and how to interpret what they see. Suitable for beginners and those wishing to improve.

This course will be delivered at Stoke Lodge but will move online if necessary using ZOOM and WhatsApp.

Thursdays 1pm to 4pm Jenny Ibrahim

6 sessions from 9 June £127/£77 B37F   Stoke Lodge

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NEW Illustration-Mixed Ability 

Illustration is the art of communicating ideas through image-making. It is used in printed media, such as posters, flyers, magazines, books and teaching materials. 

Learners will explore some of the processes and techniques used in illustration. Each week, they will explore a different idea and project using gouache or other appropriate media.
Learners will create beautiful, unique work and will develop their creativity.  This course will be delivered at Stoke Lodge  

Mondays 9.30am to 12noon Roma Widger 

6 sessions from 6 June  £106/£64 B53F    Stoke Lodge    

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Life Drawing-Mixed Ability  

Learn to draw the human figure from observation. Drawing from a nude model, you will learn to see shape, proportion, light and shade more objectively. Later we will vary the pace, and you’ll be encouraged to vary your ways of drawing. Model fee of £35 for the course to be paid to the tutor during first session. 

This course will be delivered at Stoke Lodge but will move online if necessary using ZOOM and Email. 

Fridays 9.45am to 12.15pm Bill Guilding 

6 sessions from 10 June £106/£64 B26E    Stoke Lodge  

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Painting And Drawing-Mixed Ability  

This course is course is designed to help you develop your artistic skills and take your creativity further. You will be drawing and painting with a variety of media: pencil, charcoal, acrylics. You will study a wide variety of subject matter including still life, portraits and figures, animals, landscapes and contemporary themes.  Fee includes some materials. 

This course will be delivered at Stoke Lodge but will move online if necessary using ZOOM and WhatsApp. 

Mondays 1pm to 4pm Roma Widger 

6 sessions from 6 June £134/£84 B46F    Stoke Lodge   

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NEW Urban Sketching 

Draw what you see! Urban sketching is a great way to document the world you live in. Learn to capture the people and places around you effectively using just line and watercolour. Various aspects of urban sketching will be explored from how to tell a visual story through annotated drawings, the use of colour and tone to give mood and depicting architecture and people. Some basic experience in drawing required. This course will be delivered at Stoke Lodge but will move online if necessary using ZOOM.  

Mondays 10am to 12.30pm Andy Gray 

6 sessions from 6 June £106/£64 B10G    Stoke Lodge    

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