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Philosophy courses are stimulating and enjoyable courses covering the major philosophical trends and contributions made by the great minds of our time.

Keep your mind active, challenge your ideas about the world around us and see the meaning of our existence from different perspectives.

Some courses will run as online courses and some will start at Stoke Lodge. You can see the starting venue/format for each course listed below. We reserve the right to change the format of the course, in term, should safety advice change.

Introduction to Philosophy – Part 1 

Join us in this fascinating journey through the History of Western Philosophy. Starting with the pre-Socratic period, Classic Greek Philosophy and Christian Philosophy, from Jesus to the Scholastic medieval philosophy of St Thomas Aquinas. We will find out more about wisdom as perceived and presented by great thinkers such as Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.  We will examine the theory of how we come to know about the world, or about anything at all.  We will also try to understand how these ideas are influencing our society today.    This course will be delivered at Stoke Lodge but will move online if necessary using ZOOM

Thursdays 7pm to 9pm  Leopold Chaligha 

12 sessions from 9 September    £168/£100       LPH1A      Stoke Lodge 

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Introduction to Philosophy – Part 4 A 

This is a fascinating course which will explore influential philosophical conceptions such as the Socratic legacy over the centuries, Postmodernism, Individualism in the context of Theism and Nihilism, Communism and Pluralism. Join the debate about our existential being in the world, its meaning and how these ideas have captured intellectual imagination and shaped human lives across the globe. Keep questioning your knowledge of reality and explore the unknown from various perspectives.  Students can join this course without having attended Part 1 and / or 2 and / or 3, but it would be an advantage to have completed part 1 – 3. This course will be delivered ONLINE  using ZOOM 

Fridays 10am – 12noon      Leopold Chaligha    

12 sessions from 10 September   £168 / £100      LPH4     ONLINE 

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Introduction to Philosophy – Part 5 A 

Join us and continue asking the big fundamental questions about life. What is life, what is the meaning of life? What is lived love? Its meaning and implication in our world today?  Is climate change going to reshape this? Keep questioning your knowledge of reality and explore the unknown from various perspectives. What is philosophy of technology? Has this given humanity its full freedom or chained minds into tech-enslavement?  It would be an advantage for students to have completed part 1 – 4. This course will be delivered ONLINE  using ZOOM 

Thursdays 10am – 12noon     Leopold Chaligha   

12 sessions from 9 September   £168 / £100     LPH5       ONLINE   

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NEW  Black History Month Lectures 

Prof. Kwame Anthony Appiah  – The concept of Multiple and ever shifting Identities   

Kwame Anthony Appiah is a British-Ghanaian philosopher and cultural theorist,  whose interests include political and moral theory, the philosophy of language and mind, and African and African – American intellectual history. He delivered the BBC Reith Lectures in 2016 on the theme of Mistaken Identities                                                                                           

Appiah believes that we all have multiple identities such as race, religion etc. Each of those identities can afford us privileges other people sharing the other identities with us may not have or may be denied. What is crucial is to create a world which works for everyone.  This course will be delivered ONLINE  using ZOOM 

Friday 7pm – 9pm    Leopold Chaligha 

1 session on 29 October   £18/£10   LPHL     ONLINE   

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