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Willow Craft

weaving a basket

If you are interested in joining a Willow Craft course, please make sure you enrol by the deadline (usually a week before the course takes place) as enough willow needs to be soaked for several days before the course. 

Courses 2023/24

For our new 2023/24 courses, see list below:

Willow craft courses on Saturdays

Reindeer Willow Sculpture Workshop

Create a festive Reindeer out of willow. Make your own woven willow Reindeer decoration

up to 1 metre tall to take home, so please allow for necessary transportation.

Deadline for enrolment:  1 week before the course takes place.

Materials cost:  £20 per student, payable to the tutor on the day

Saturday 10am to 4pm   Sarah Edwards

1 session on 9 December    £85/£50     WSE2     Stoke Lodge   

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Willow Owl Workshop

Create one of these enchanting creatures for your garden.  Discover the creative potential of willow, learn the basic techniques and then weave your own Owl from locally sourced willow to take home.

Deadline for enrolment:  1 week before the course takes place.

Materials cost:  £15.00 per student, payable to the tutor on the day

Saturday 10am to 4pm     Sarah Edwards       1

1 session on 3 February        £75/£45     WSE3    Stoke Lodge     

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Berry Basket Workshop

Weave a fabulous berry basket from locally sourced willow, perfect for collecting homegrown produce, foraging for berries or a stylish eco-friendly option for popping to the shops.

Deadline for enrolment:  1 week before the course takes place. Materials cost:  £15 per student, payable to the tutor on the day

Saturday 10am to 4pm    Sarah Edwards    

1 session on 2 March       £75/£45     WSE4    Stoke Lodge   

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Easter Bunny and Basket Workshop

Weave your own willow Easter Bunny to adorn your home or garden and make a beautiful nest basket for collecting your eggs.

Deadline for enrolment:  1 week before the course takes place

Materials cost:  £15 per student, payable to the tutor on the day

Saturday 10am to 4pm          Sarah Edwards

1 session on 23 March      £75/£45    WSE5       Stoke Lodge   

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