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Art History


Some courses will run as online courses and some will start at Stoke Lodge. You can see the starting venue/format for each course listed below. We reserve the right to change the format of the course, in term, should safety advice change.

NEW European Art In The 1930s

Extraordinary and highly diverse art was created in Europe in the years between the two world wars. Surrealism, born in Paris and Brussels, is the art movement which dominates this period. But the 1930s is also a decade coloured by the rise of Fascism. In Germany, this led to the infamous exhibitions of degenerate art while the atrocities of the Spanish Civil War shocked Picasso into creating Guernica, one of the most famous paintings in the world. No prior knowledge required. Handouts will be provided for learners for each topic.

This course will be delivered at Stoke Lodge but will move online if necessary using ZOOM.

Mondays 2pm to 4pm   Sarah Kelly

5 sessions from 6 June   £82/£50   F47E    Stoke Lodge

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