Some courses will run as online courses and some will start at Stoke Lodge or St Pauls. You can see the starting venue/format for each course listed below. We reserve the right to change the format of the course, in term, should safety advice change.

PLEASE NOTE: Online and telephone booking will
open at 9.30am on Thursday 27 August

Maths Café 1

During this course, we will look at:  Dodgy statistics and how to send secret messages, voting systems and why logicians like wearing coloured hats, polyhedrons, networks, why there are only 17 types of wallpaper and much more.  You do not need to know any maths to take this course.

  • Wednesdays 1.30pm to 3.30pm Eric Smith
  • 10 sessions 30 September £ 140   / £84 MCWA : Stoke Lodge

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