Adult and Community Learning ‘in the loop’

Issue 22 November 2013

Hello everyone and welcome to ‘in the loop’

This is a weekly bulletin to let you know about all the changes and actions that are being taken to save and strengthen our treasured Adult Learning Service.

Our mission:

We can say ‘hand on heart’ we believe adult learning in Bristol can continue to improve and grow and we are working really hard to make sure that happens!

Things we’ve done this week:

  • We have a Learner forum meeting taking place on Wednesday 22nd January, 3.45 – 5.00pm at the St Pauls Learning and Family Centre. The meeting will be a chance to get an update from Jane Taylor and Barbara Janke on how plans for the service are developing.
  • We are starting to analyse the results of our online questionnaire, so far 83 people have shared their thoughts and suggestions. It will be open for another week so if you would like to add your comments visit the link Go to
  • So far the most requested course is on using new technology. So we have arranged a ‘Jargon Busting – Tablets’ Workshop (computers not pain killers!). Taking place on Saturday 7th December 10am-12noon at Stoke Lodge. The workshop will help you to understand jargon and decipher descriptions and features. We won’t tell you what to buy but will help you understand the options available. So you go to the shops armed with extra knowledge and choose the tablet that is right for you! All for a special pre-Christmas discounted rate of £10 / £5 concessions
  • We have been collecting and following up suggestions posted in the Stoke Lodge suggestion box. From setting up the Jargon Busting course above to replacing the pull cords for the lights in the loos at Stoke Lodge!
  • We are also promoting ALS gift vouchers as Christmas Presents. Please tell your friends and family they can avoid the Christmas rush and stock up with us by calling 903 8844.

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