Subject(s): Tai chi and Qi gong (gentle exercise)

Every day I feel the benefits of doing Tai chi, of slowly improving my posture, being able to relax my mind and body, breathing more deeply, using my body more efficiently – I feel it boosts my general wellbeing.  I teach because I love to see other people discover these benefits.  In the class we learn gentle warm up exercises that everyone can do, we work in pairs and small groups to explore some of the underlying principles of this fascinating form of movement, then we learn the Tai chi form, a sequence of movements that are beautiful to watch and perform in a group or on your own.

The Qi gong class is gentler still and exercises can all be done sitting on a chair.  I love this class because we pick and choose the exercises that suit the group, to improve breathing, balance, and aspects of health.   The Chinese philosophy of ‘wu wei’ or ‘doing by not doing’ means we do not struggle, we gently unpick and shed unwanted stress, and enjoy ourselves in the process.