Some of you may know that this week is Healthy City Week and it seemed a great time to share a little about the second phase of our Learning for Wellbeing research project.

Healthy City – Learning for Wellbeing Project

You may remember last year we ran some courses at Stoke Lodge as part of a national research project looking at the impact of Adult Learning on feelings of wellbeing. In particular on the way attending classes and learning something new can impact on feelings of mild depression or anxiety.

This year the research project is going a step further and organisations across the country are being asked to focus on specific areas of learning. Some councils are running  courses on the subject of good mental health and some have been asked to work exclusively with people with mental health issues.

We have been asked to run free 6 week ‘traditional’ adult learning classes which are open to learners who don’t have mental health issues as well as to learners who have mild to moderate depression and anxiety. All participants need to commit to being part of the research project and will need to have an initial assessment with the project development worker Louise Weller, just to explain the details and check it’s the right course for them and they are able to meet the research requirements.

We have the first set of courses planned for after half term in a range of venues across the city. Check out our poster below.

We can’t take direct bookings at Stoke Lodge but you can email or call The Park to arrange a time to talk to Louise to find out if there are places available and if the course is right for you.

Ultimately we hope is that this project (combined with all the other projects nationally) will be able to provide some really compelling evidence to national government and public health officials that shows the value of Adult Learning on feelings of wellbeing. You never know we might even trigger further funding!

Wishing you all a happy and healthy week, month, year, lifetime!


Free courses include:

  • Festive IT – Christmas Cards, Advent Calendars and Personalised Online Gifts
  • Festive Cooking – Shortbread, Mince Pies, Fudge, Snowman in a jar and more
  • Festive Arts & Crafts – Bath Bombs, Needle Felting, Gold Felting and more
  • Introduction to Pottery – explore and be creative using simple materials
  • Creative Writing – Unlock the Writer Within and Explore Creative Writing
  • Beginners Tai Chi – A Gentle Form of Exercise That Develops Good Posture, Relaxation, Deeper Breathing and more