You may have seen our trial spring / summer ‘still to come’ leaflets. We were looking for a way to highlight the still ‘live’ courses at a point in the year when much of the main course guide has happened or is underway.

Spring/Summer leaflets

The guide is super brief but also A5 and lightweight so easier to distribute. With this edition we are also trialling using Royal Mail for household posting and almost 40,000 copies of the leaflet have been hitting doormats in BS7, BS8, BS9 and parts of BS6.

This is a trial so depending on feedback and response this is something we could consider repeating and could open up to different postcode areas.
We still have some copies here at Stoke Lodge so if you are able to take a few out and about that would be fantastic too.

Safety in the car park and around the site

We have been looking at the way people move around the car park and the grounds to see if there is anything we can do to improve safety.

It isn’t possible to fully separate pedestrians and vehicles and so we have been looking at some additional control measures that can reduce the safety risks. We plan to get some additional speed limit signs installed and additional speed humps. We are also looking at marking out a pedestrian crossing route on the main drive.

When you access Stoke Lodge I would ask and remind you to pay particular attention at the site entrance and look out for pedestrians (and their dogs) crossing from the arboretum towards the main lawn. Please stick to the 5 mph speed limits and park considerately.

We ask that you observe the no parking area by the hedge at the front of the building and only park in the marked out bays at the front (there are 4 parking bays for disabled staff and learners and 3 staff spaces).

Developments and new equipment

We are currently having some work to open up the ‘polo room’ opposite room 8a. It’s not a huge room but it will give us another usable room for small classes and room bookings. It is likely to be open and usable from early May.

We have installed a TV screen that can be used to advertise courses in the foyer. The screen will be in the fireplace so easy to see, but fairly discrete if not in use. As an added bonus it will also be able to display a fire video to give us the cosy factor in the chilly winter months!

2019/20 Course Guide

We have started work on preparing for the 2019 academic year and will be spending many hours over the next few months timetabling and organising next year’s classes. A few of you have been asking about the guide already, it will be available around mid-July.

BS9 Arts Trail – 8 & 9 June

We are really excited to be part of this years BS9 Arts Trail. A number of our learners are exhibiting as part of the trail and we will be open over the weekend for tea coffee and workshops too so put the date in your diary!

Plus still lots of courses to come this term including…

  • History talk – Women in Port Cities – 30 April 1pm-3pm £14/£8
  • Cookery – Inspirations for Summer – 8 May 10.30am-3.30pm £54/£38
  • Exercises that make you feel great – starting 30 April 1pm-2pm £70/£44
  • Fast Track Spanish – starting 13 May 10am-12noon £144/£88
  • Watercolour for beginners – Starting 24 April 6.30pm -9pm £79/£49
  • Beautiful Lingerie starting 24 April 6.30pm-9pm £157/£97

Happy Easter everyone.