I very much hope you and your families are keeping safe and well. This is an anxious time and I would encourage everyone to continue to be kind, look out for your friends and neighbours and ask for help and support when you need it.

Even in difficult times it is clear there are lots of amazing people out there offering us all hope and support.

Summer Term Courses

All our tutors have been working really hard to adapt their classes for remote and online learning.

We have a good selection of new courses that are starting in April. We are also delighted to say that all our pre-existing language courses are continuing.  

The full list of courses starting in April is available to see here.

Many of these courses still have places and are available to book online.  If you are not able to book online but would like to join one of these courses please email stokelodge@bristol.gov.uk and we will contact you to arrange enrolment.

We are currently compiling amended details on our courses starting from May onward so there will be more to come!

We know that the changed delivery style will be new to many of you and we appreciate that it is not quite the same as the face to face classroom contact you value so much.  However we do believe that we can continue to offer courses that will inspire you, increase your skills, allow you to engage with your fellow learners and have some fun along the way.

I’d like to thank you all again for continuing to support and learn with us and thank you also for all the lovely messages we have received, which have meant so much to the whole team.


We hope to continue to bring you some ‘Coffee Break Classes’ over the coming weeks.
If you haven’t already seen these, do have a look at some of the short and sweet activities and ideas we are posting online. You can see them here.

Bristol City Council Covid 19 Hotline and well being support.
Bristol City Council has a Freephone Covid 19 support hotline – 0800 694 0184 available 8.30-5 Monday to Friday and 10am to 2pm Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays.  This hotline is to provide support for people with a wide range of needs, including obtaining food supplies, other essential items and medication.

Social distancing can really impact on our mental health and well being.  The NHS ‘One You’ website offers advice on mental well being while staying at home.  As do Bristol Mind  and The Samaritans

Some of their top tips include:

Staying connected with people.  On a sunny day maybe take a chair into your front garden (if you have one) so you can say hello to those passing or give a wave.  Back gardens can be isolated too.

Avoid constantly checking or listening to the news.  Public health advice is only updated daily so news channels are often repeating information throughout the day and constant messages can create additional anxiety and worry.

Establish a routine. Have a plan and chunk the day into activities, read for an hour, watch some tv, call a friend etc. You could join a course – but obviously I would say that!

Keep active.  Doesn’t have to be a run round the block!  A bit of gentle stretching (maybe with this video from our tutor Nen) can do you the world of good.

Do something for someone else.  A phone call, pass on a good book, a recipe.  Doing something kind makes us all feel good.
Take care everyone and stay safe.
Jenny and all the team at Adult Learning