Due to the current lockdown arrangements we will not be holding any ‘in person’ courses for the moment.

We do still have lots of online courses and agile courses that are moving to online delivery.

There are still some places available on our booking pages here

If you are already enrolled on one of these your tutor will be in contact, with details of how to participate.


We have a reduced staff presence in the office so please bear with us if you call or email.

At the moment email is our preferred method of contact with queries.

Our email address is stokelodge@bristol.gov.uk


Unfortunately a few course are unable to operate in that way and have been postponed.

The list of postponed courses is below.

Code   Title    Day/times    Start date    Tutor

T55C Upholstery Mon 09:30-12:30 11/01/2021 Nicola Hamilton

T47C Dressmaking and Textiles Mon 18:30-21:00 11/01/2021 Lorraine Joseph

T56C Upholstery Mon 13:00-15:30 11/01/2021 Nicola Hamilton

N46C Further Floristry – Intermediate Tue 10:00-12:30 12/01/2021 Cherril McCartney

N47A Developing Floristry Skills Tue 13:30-16:00 12/01/2021 Cherril McCartney

T57C Upholstery Tue 18:30-21:00 12/01/2021 Nicola Hamilton

N45C Stained Glass Workshop Wed 13:30-16:00 13/01/2021 Ruth Adams

N10C Pottery with Sculpture Wed 13:00-15:30 13/01/2021 Isobel Morris

N11C Pottery For Pleasure Thu 18:15-20:45 14/01/2021 Isobel Morris

T58C Upholstery Thu 18:30-21:00 14/01/2021 Nicola Hamilton

N31C Printmaking Fri 10:00-12:30 15/01/2021 Barbara Disney

T49C Learning to Sew – and more! Fri 10:00-12:30 15/01/2021 Marilyn Mitchelmore

N12C Drawing Techniques – Beginners Fri 10:00-12:30 15/01/2021 Sheila Broun

If you are enrolled on any of these courses a member of the team will contact you over the next week or so to explain options.