Subject: History

My passion for studying the past led me into a teaching career at a leading Bristol school. My interests range across the centuries but with two degrees in Ancient History I have decided to run my Stoke Lodge courses on aspects of the ancient world. This is an exciting subject area as we see the roots of so many of our modern systems and ideas. As well as teaching all ages in secondary schools I have run classes at the University of Bristol and also worked in a unit for extremely challenging pupils, so I have a wide ranging experience of teaching all levels and abilities. Besides my teaching work I have been a Senior Examiner at OCR for many years writing GCSE and A-level exams in a range of subjects.

My courses are designed to be suitable for all students from the expert to the complete beginner. I pride myself on balancing my academic approach with an assurance that students are engaged and enthused. I welcome questions, challenges and interruptions as they help create a more informal environment that is more conducive to learning.