Adult and Community Learning ‘in the loop’

Issue 6 December 2013

Hello everyone and welcome to ‘in the loop’

This is a weekly bulletin to let you know about all the changes and actions that are being taken to save and strengthen our treasured Adult Learning Service.

Our mission:

We can say ‘hand on heart’ we believe adult learning in Bristol can continue to improve and grow and we are working really hard to make sure that happens!

Things we’ve done this week:

  • The ‘Transforming Adult Learning’ Scrutiny report is now available. This outlines the Council’s intention to strengthen adult and community learning over the next two years . This will be discussed with the Scrutiny Commission Members on December 10th 2013.
  • The Adult Learning Service Business Development Plan (phase 1) is also available. This outlines the priority actions and key milestones to strengthen and grow the Council’s combined adult and community learning service over the coming year. It’s promising to be a busy and exciting time!
  • Plans for phase 1 of the website are moving forward. One thing we would really like to feature are some comments and quotes from you. We know (because you tell us) learning means a lot to you and has a big impact on your lives. I would love to share some of your real life experiences on our new website. What is the impact of learning for you? What difference has it made? What has changed for you? What has happened as a result of your course? If you are happy for me to feature your comments on our website please email me at
  • Stuck for Christmas present ideas? There is still time to buy one of our Gift Vouchers. So treat someone to a course or workshop in the new year. Just call the office on 0117 903 8844

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