Adult and Community Learning ‘in the loop’

Issue 13 December 2013

Hello everyone and welcome to ‘in the loop’

This is a weekly bulletin to let you know about all the changes and actions that are being taken to save and strengthen our treasured Adult Learning Service.

Our mission:

We can say ‘hand on heart’ we believe adult learning in Bristol can continue to improve and grow and we are working really hard to make sure that happens!

Things we’ve done this week:

  • There was a lively and upbeat discussion at the Scrutiny meeting this week . It was great to see committed Learner Group representatives at the meeting who read out statements of challenge and support. Commission Members also made some very supportive statements about our direction of travel – providing several suggestions of links we can make in our journey to become more financially independent in the future.
  • Calling all learners, tutors, partners! We are busy producing some supplementary course booklets that list all the wonderful courses starting in January and February. We will send a link to electronic copies with the next edition of ‘in the loop’. We will also make print copies available for you to distribute both before and after Christmas—do collect some when you are next at Stoke Lodge—we need you to help spread the word!
  • Thanks to those of you who have sent me your comments and quotes, it’s great to hear how much you love your classes and the impact of learning new skills.
    I always want more! So keep telling me!
  • And finally (as they say on the telly), there is some wonderful art being created in our art classes. Take a look at some of the paintings on a facebook page set up by a tutor to celebrate her learner’s achievements.
    Many of our tutors show and share work on Facebook, we’ll feature more of their pages in future editions.

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