Adult and Community Learning ‘in the loop’

Issue 20 December 2013

Hello everyone and welcome to ‘in the loop’

This is a weekly bulletin to let you know about all the changes and actions that are being taken to save and strengthen our treasured Adult Learning Service.

Our mission:

We can say ‘hand on heart’ we believe adult learning in Bristol can continue to improve and grow and we are working really hard to make sure that happens!

Things we’ve done this week:

Well I am very pleased and excited to tell you that phase 1 of our website development is complete! Our new site is now live!

On the site you can see the course guide, all the ‘in the loops’, find out our contact information and a bit about our service.

We are really pleased with how it looks and can’t wait for the next phase of development.

Phase 2 will include, more learner stories and comments, more news articles and a new booking system for 2014/15 courses.

I should say that as a brand new site it won’t be very visible on google yet and improved booking will come for 2014/15 so we currently link back to the main council booking pages but I hope you will visit the site and see it as a fantastic starting point with lots of potential for growth.

I’d love to know what you think so please let me know.

We have also created some course guide updates for :

They are available on our new website (did I mention we had a new website?) click the links above to see

All that remains is to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas break and a very happy 2014.
‘in the loop’ will return on 10 January – See you in the new year!

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