Adult and Community Learning ‘in the loop’

Issue 2 May 2014

Hello everyone and welcome to ‘in the loop’

Making sure that adult learning in Bristol continues to improve and grow.

Please find below the latest ‘in the loop’ newsletter. In this edition we have an update on the playground development and car park works, some of the new courses planned for September and a couple of really fascinating new courses lined up for this term.

An opportunity to explore the impact the people and landscape of ‘this ere’ West Country had on the romantic poets and their work with ‘Romantic Poets in the South West’ and to look at how the poetry written at the time of the first World War reflected lives and experiences during the conflict in ‘The Poetry is in the Pity’ – Poems from the First World War.

Things we’ve done this week:

We now have a timescale for the playground development and car park work.

  • Over the next couple of weeks project staff will be monitoring a (hopefully vacant) badger set and some hedgerows to check for nesting birds as well as spraying knotweed in the back car park.
  • Then they will scrape the overgrown part of the back car park to create more parking.
  • During half term the bulk of the work planned for the front car park will take place, clearing and hedge trimming, tarmacking and line painting.
  • After half term the entrance gates will be replaced and there will be some work on the pathway and fencing in the front car park so we can expect to see some workers and vans about but the additional spaces in the back should compensate for any temporary loss.
  • The installation of the play park itself starts in June but this work on the grass shouldn’t effect us significantly. Ultimately there will be a fantastic new play facility ready for action in the summer holidays along with improvements and extra spaces in our car park.

We are finalising 2014/15 courses and are very excited by some of our new tutors and courses. As a sneak preview (just for you) expect to see the glamour of Argentinian Tango, fascinating Literature and Poetry studies and the complexity of British History and Politics, along with the creative flourish of Crochet and Knitting courses.

But why wait? – Right now you can book onto:

‘Romantic Poets in the South West’ – starting on Tuesday 3rd June 10-12 for 6 weeks.

Look at how the poetry of Shelley, Keats, Coleridge and Wordsworth was inspired by the rugged coastlines, wild hills and history of radicalism in the West Country.

Or why not try a Saturday course on 10th May 10-4 ‘The Poetry is in the Pity’ – Poems from the First World War.

Look at how the poetry of the time provides an insight into the daily experience of those participating in and affected by the conflict.

As always:

We are sending and sharing ‘in the loop’ as part of our on-going commitment to keep you informed on work and progress.  Please feel free to share this information with anyone you think might be interested.

Please continue to get in touch with us if you have questions or concerns and please let us know your fantastic stories and experiences of learning and what it means to you, which we will be featuring on our website over the coming months.