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Stoke Lodge Playing Fields

This is a bit of a special ‘in the loop’ in response to questions and enquiries about the Stoke Lodge playing fields.

You may have seen some news articles and heard from other learners about plans to fence the playing fields at Stoke Lodge. Some of you have asked me how to find out more about the plans and what is currently happening.

The current situation is that Cotham school hold the lease for the playing fields (that is the areas from the play park, around the back car park and up to the sub station near the carved tree). Cotham submitted a planning application to fence this area but the application was withdrawn following the application for Town Village Green (TVG) Status.

The TVG was approved by the Public Rights of Way and Greens Committee in 2016 but recently that decision was quashed by the High Court and the application will go back to the Committee on 25 June. Cotham have recently shared updated plans to build a fence around the area with their school community and with local residents groups. Residents groups are continuing to campaign against the fencing.

Resources and Web Links

Below you will find some links to websites and information from both the school and local community groups for information.

The school are concerned about safeguarding the children using the fields without fencing the boundary.

The school also currently have a planning application to refurbish the changing facility opposite the back car park.

The school have also shared plans on their news page.

Residents groups are concerned that access to the fields will be lost and that the open green space will be damaged by the proposed development.

There are two groups currently campaigning against development. The ‘Save Stoke Lodge Parkland’ community group which led the town village green application www.stokelodgetvg.co.uk

There is also a ‘we love stoke lodge’ group with a website and Facebook page.

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